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Form development environment for PrintForm

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  • Forms development environment for PrintForm

  • The software maintenance package ensures you up-to-dateness and legal security and includes the following services:

    - a free additional single-user license
    - free version change to version 2023
    - regular download of improvements and new functionality;
    - Additions to the programs due to changes in laws and standards
    - Regular information about changes and improvements

    Important note: The purchase of a software maintenance package entitles you to use all of the above. The purchase of a software maintenance package entitles you to all of the above services for a period of one year from the date of the order. If a higher program version is offered during the term of the software maintenance package, you will also receive this free of charge. By purchasing a software maintenance package, you do not enter into a contract that obligates you to purchase further deliveries. You can decide after one year whether you want to purchase the software maintenance package for another year or not.

  • Update to EditForm 2023
Your configuration

With the EditForm form generator, we provide you with a development environment with which you can create your own forms for PrintForm 2023 or modify existing forms. This gives you the possibility to adapt the forms to your individual ideas and to incorporate changes independently. The operation of EditForm does not require any special prior knowledge. Thanks to the clear user interface, the simple positioning of all objects via drag & drop and the user help, the programme can be operated intuitively and allows the professional creation of forms in the shortest possible time.
Various objects such as text fields, input fields, formula fields, lines or graphics are added to the form quickly and easily with a mouse click. In the object inspector, the form elements can then be further formatted and given different fonts, colours, frames and fill patterns. All objects can be moved either with the mouse or by entering the corresponding values. A "magnetic" grid, the size of which can also be changed, facilitates exact positioning.

With the help of the preview function, you can subject the individual pages of the finished form to a final check and test them under the conditions of later use in PrintForm 2023.

Features & Specialities

  • Independence from form updates
  • PrintForm 2023 can be extended as required
  • Individual adaptation of existing forms
  • Extensive formatting options
  • Preview function
  • "Magnetic" grid
  • Automatic form control
  • Positioning via drag & drop
  • Integration of graphic and formula fields
  • Creation of forms with mixed format (portrait-landscape)
  • Object inspector
  • Object list
  • Tool palette
  • Copy offset
  • Preview function

Das Softwarepflegepaket sichert Ihnen Aktualität und Rechtssicherheit und beinhaltet folgende Leistungen:
kontinuierliche Produktaktualisierungen

  • kostenfreie zusätzliche Einzelplatzlizenz
  • kostenfreier Versionswechsel auf Version 2024
  • regelmäßiger Download von Verbesserungen und neuen Funktionalitäten
  • Ergänzung der Programme aufgrund geänderter Gesetze und Normen
  • regelmäßige Infos über Änderungen und Verbesserungen

Wichtiger Hinweis: Der Erwerb eines Softwarepflegepaketes berechtigt Sie zur Inanspruchnahme aller o.a. Leistungen für die Dauer von einem Jahr ab Datum der Bestellung. Wird innerhalb der Laufzeit des Softwarepflegepaketes eine höhere Programmversion angeboten, erhalten Sie diese ebenfalls kostenfrei. Sie schließen mit dem Kauf eines Softwarepflegepaketes keinen Vertrag ab, der Sie zur Abnahme weiterer Lieferungen verpflichtet. Sie können nach Ablauf eines Jahres selbst entscheiden, ob Sie das Softwarepflegepaket für ein weiteres Jahr erwerben möchten oder nicht.

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