Baurecht-aktuell Herbst 2022

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  • Full version for one computer.
    Law collection with over 1450 laws, regulations and directives.

  • Onlineversion of Baurecht-aktuell.

    After ordering, you will receive an access code and have access to the current laws at any time for the annual fee of 75.00 euros.

  • Update to Baurecht-aktuell Herbst 2022 - single-user version.
    Update requirement is a previous version that is at most 4 years old.

  • The software maintenance package ensures you up-to-dateness and legal security and includes the following services:

    - a free additional single-user license
    - free version change to version 2023
    - regular download of improvements and new functionality;
    - Additions to the programs due to changes in laws and standards
    - Regular information about changes and improvements

    Important note: The purchase of a software maintenance package entitles you to use all of the above. The purchase of a software maintenance package entitles you to all of the above services for a period of one year from the date of the order. If a higher program version is offered during the term of the software maintenance package, you will also receive this free of charge. By purchasing a software maintenance package, you do not enter into a contract that obligates you to purchase further deliveries. You can decide after one year whether you want to purchase the software maintenance package for another year or not.

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Baucht-aktuell Herbst 2022
With Baurecht-aktuell we offer you a comprehensive collection of laws especially for the building sector. All laws are available to you in the form of PDF files, navigation within the laws takes place via bookmarks, which you can edit and add to as you wish. You have the option of copying text sections to the clipboard and pasting them into other documents.
In Baurecht-aktuell there are currently over 1450 laws, ordinances and guidelines available.
In addition, Baurecht-aktuell includes a title search function for all laws contained in the programme and thus allows you to quickly find specific legal texts via the corresponding title. Baurecht-aktuell is continuously updated and expanded.